Nominees announced for 2017

Nominees from all over the island, for the tenth annual Hearts of Gold awards have been announced.

Nominated in the junior section are:  Ivan Durda, 4, Melika Golaghapoorniazi, 18, Alexandra Kozmanidou, 17, Zoe Dhull 4, and Emma Savva 9.

Taylor Hargett, 16, Hala Ayman Karoum, 11, Demitri, 8, Eleni,10, Nico, 13, Aili Bielicki, 8, and Massa Ayman Karoum,10, have also been nominated.
All of these youngsters have either shown dedication, determination or courage, are coping with illness, raising money for charity or are excellent role models to others.

In the adult section, nominees include: 94 year old Raymond Woolley and Petros Stylianou for their inspirational attitude and achievements, Alina Loisou, Geoff Eccleston, Sarah Coyne and Peter and Debbie Morton for their charitable endeavours, Andrea Siddons for rescuing and rehoming animals, Ruth Walton, Karen Skinner, Linda Locke, Paula Vick and Tracie Carter for a fund raising bra chain, David and Cathy Lewis for their care and nurture of a teenage girl, and Dawn Foote for dedication to Tala cat park.

Also nominated are: Keith and Wendy Watkins for cleaning up the Akamas,  Kyriacos Loucas for his determination and talent, Louise Bedenham for her philanthropy, Nikola Nikolov and Blaga Petkova for their devotion to bringing up a relatives three children and Panicos Chrysanthou for his caring attitude.

Olga Logutenkova for teaching skills, bikers Paul Carter and Phil Scates for helping a terminally ill patient fulfil a dream, Billy Hardy for his brave attitude and Suzi Von Buren and her charity Zypenhunde. Zac Theophanou for his fight for equal rights, Irina Yakimovich for fundraising, Patricia Phaedonos and Sylvie Mantis for their humanitarianism, Kathie Houliotis for her kindness and Peter Scarborough for his determination.

Rehab al Habrat, Father Carlos Ferrero and Wendy Burdon for their work with refugees, lifeguard, Vasos Christodoulou- for his dedication, the friends hospice shop volunteers and hospice staff for their services, Costas Gavrieledes for establishing LGBT rights, Nilgun Akin for her creation of bi-communal activities, and Giorgoula Gavrielidou for promoting Paphos to become wheelchair friendly.

Also nominated is Mikka Heaney the Gift of Love, Andri Avraam for volunteering, Nektarios Toursidis for teaching hundreds of children to dance, Ivy Gibson for her charity blankets, Matthew Harris for his work at PAWS shelter along with the volunteers, Stephanie Driscoll for Paws charity shop, Angela Allery for her work with unwanted dogs and Sue McCafferty for fundraising.

Steve Wright for the Garden of Memories, Pani Koutsou for his dedication to education, Despina Stylianou for her compassion and Christina Negus for offering a helping hand.

The winners will be announced by this year’s honorary patron, Charalampous Theopemptou, and British High Commissioner, Matthew Kidd, at a special ten-year celebration ceremony due to be held at SEK in Paphos on December 16.